User rights and obligations

  1. This document is an agreement between the user of the CryptoSecret platform and CryptoSecret
  2. If you want to contribute to the CryptoSecret platform, you must first create an account. Non-registered users can use the forum as a reader, but cannot post on it.
  3. By using the CryptoSecret platform, either as a registered participant or as an unregistered reader, you indicate that you have read and agree to these terms of use. The CryptoSecret has the right to change these terms and conditions without notice.
  4. You may only use the CryptoSecret platform for personal, non-commercial purposes. The forum is also open to reactions from companies in response to a communication directly addressed to that company and posted on the forum.
  5. Contributions from participants will not be read or approved by the CryptoSecret prior to posting. A post only reflects the opinion of the user who posted it and this opinion is not necessarily that of the CryptoSecret.
  6. Readers of the CryptoSecret platform should be particularly careful in following any advice given in participants’ contributions. This is especially important for financial and medical advice, for which an expert and professional adviser should always be consulted.

Reuse of contributions

  1. By using the CryptoSecret platform, you irrevocably authorize CryptoSecret to use your contribution, as soon as it is posted, without restrictions or costs for editing, exploitation and publication in our publications (magazines, books, websites, electronic newsletters, other print and digital media, television programs and other media). You also give the CryptoSecret permission to make your contribution available to others, in raw or edited form. The CryptoSecret is not obliged to mention the author or his username when publishing any contribution.
  2. Parties other than the CryptoSecret are not allowed to copy, edit or publish contributions on the CryptoSecret platform (including by means of frame and/or hyperlinks) without the permission of the user or of the CryptoSecret as its authorized representative. Parties other than the CryptoSecret, including operators of other websites, are also not allowed to publish summaries or overviews of the contributions to the CryptoSecret platform (including by means of frame and/or hyperlinks) without the consent of the CryptoSecret.

Liability and applicable law

  1. CryptoSecret is not liable for the consequences, legal or otherwise, of your activities on the CryptoSecret platform, neither in the UK nor abroad.
  2. The CryptoSecret further excludes all liability for direct or indirect damage suffered by users or third parties, in whatever form, arising from or in any way related to the use or the content of the CryptoSecret platform or the (temporary) inability to use and/or consult the forum.
  3. The CryptoSecret platform is operated by the CryptoSecret. Any legal disputes arising as a result of the forum are governed by Dutch law and will, if necessary, be submitted for assessment to the competent court in The Hague.
  4. All activities that are punishable and/or illegal under Dutch law are considered a violation of these terms and conditions. However, this may also apply to activities that are punishable and/or unlawful under statutory provisions outside the Netherlands, for example in the country where you, or the person to whom a communication is addressed, resides or is staying.
  5. By using the CryptoSecret platform, you accept the obligation to indemnify the CryptoSecret in the event that the CryptoSecret is held liable (whether or not in law) for damage suffered by third parties, and/or in the event that the CryptoSecret incurs costs as a result or otherwise directly or indirectly suffer damage, in whatever form, as a result of any violation by you of these terms and conditions.

Personal password

  1. To prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to the CryptoSecret platform, a user who registers with the CryptoSecret will receive a personal password by e-mail. Placing a contribution on the forums is only possible after entering the password via the login screen.
  2. As a user, you must carefully store your personal password and keep it completely secret. You guarantee the CryptoSecret that your password will not be used by unauthorized persons and you are liable for the consequences of any unauthorized use, misuse or incorrect use of the personal password. The CryptoSecret is not liable for any damage resulting from the assignment and sending by e-mail of personal passwords, or from any use thereof.
  3. If you suspect that your personal password is or may be known by an unauthorized third party, you must immediately inform CryptoSecret via the response form on our website. The CryptoSecret will then adjust the list of passwords by changing the password (normally within 24 hours on working days after the notification) and send you a new password by e-mail as soon as possible.

Code of conduct

  1. Contributions to the CryptoSecret platform are posted without the involvement of the CryptoSecret. We do, however, regularly check the contributions for compliance with these conditions by the users.
  2. The CryptoSecret reserves the right to edit or remove contributions that (presumably) violate the letter or spirit of these terms and conditions and to exclude participants from further use of the forum.

This can be the case with:

  • discriminatory/offensive username, profile picture signature and/or comments.
  • the use of multiple forum accounts by the same user.
  • indecent language according to generally accepted standards of decency.
  • the use of a language other than English.
  • placing links to illegal (download) websites or commercial links with which the user aims to earn money.
  • posting comments that have nothing to do with the topic of the topic.
  • mentioning personal names, personal telephone numbers, personal residential addresses, personal e-mail addresses and other privacy-sensitive data that can be traced back to an individual person.
  • inappropriate or disruptive behavior towards other users.
  • behavior that interferes with the undisturbed experience of the forum by others.
  • posting surveys, marketing surveys, study surveys, petitions and solicitations of any kind.
  • pretending to be another person.
  • placing commercial messages.
  • unlawful acts under Dutch law or inciting them to do so.
  • If a user repeatedly negatively influences a discussion, or continued participation for any reason is not deemed beneficial, the CryptoSecret may decide to deny access to the community.

Please note when placing:

  • the forum layout; post your message in the correct subject.
  • state a clear title for your message.
  • only post your message in one place within the forum.
  • be completely as possible, so that moderators have to ask as few questions as possible to find out the problem. Indicate which solutions to your problem you have already tried.
  • the length and format of your comments and messages. It must remain legible for the other participants.
  • the purpose of this forum; you are in conversation with other users about various consumer law related topics. Posting monologues/blog-like reactions/discussions or contributions in general that do not monitor consumer law is therefore not allowed.

Dealing with moderators

  1. You are not allowed to impersonate a moderator or post messages that appear to be involved with the organization.
  2. Be respectful to moderators and the community manager.
  3. Always follow the directions of moderators and the community manager.
  4. The integral copying of texts that have been copied from other sources (such as websites, newspapers, magazines and books) on the CryptoSecret forum is a violation of copyright and is not allowed. Citing or paraphrasing this is permitted, provided that a clear reference is made to a source, you do not copy more than is strictly necessary and this serves a clearly identifiable purpose.
  5. Mentioning registered trademarks (such as names of companies and products) is inherent to the nature of the CryptoSecret platform, but should always be done carefully, without disproportionately prejudice the interests of the rights holder.

Personal information

  1. You provide personal information to the CryptoSecret when you register as a participant in the CryptoSecret platform, when you make contributions and when you email us. We collect this data to enable you to use the forum, to administer and optimize the forum, to send you your password and to contact you about your contribution if necessary.
  2. We can also use your personal data to inform or keep you informed about other activities, products and services of the CryptoSecret, including the sending of our e-mail newsletter. If you do not wish to receive this information or to receive our e-mail newsletter, you can always unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link in every e-mail (see also the Privacy Statement on our website).
  3. CryptoSecret will never make your personal data available to third parties, except if and insofar as CryptoSecret is or is required to do so by law or a court order.


  1. If you come across a contribution on the CryptoSecret platform that in your opinion affects your intellectual property rights or otherwise, or that violates the terms and conditions as described above, please notify us immediately. We investigate all complaints and may take the appropriate action in our opinion, such as removal of the contribution in question, removal of all contributions from the responsible user or exclusion of the responsible user from further participation in the forum.
  2. You can make your complaint known to CryptoSecret via the response form on our website. Your complaint will initially be handled by the CryptoSecret editors.
  3. Both with your complaint and with any appeal to the Board of Directors you must indicate, preferably substantiated, which contribution on the CryptoSecret platform the complaint concerns (preferably with a copy and stating the web address or URL from the address bar of the browser program). and any legal right or any of these Terms of Use that you believe is being violated by the posting to the forum. Don’t forget to include your contact details.